What’s Onnenkieli Language School?

Onnenkieli Ltd. is a language school in Tampere. The company was founded in 1992 and already over 4,000 students all over the world have successfully studied on our courses. 

The suggestive teaching package used in teaching is developed and produced by the school’s founder, and very much sought after educator, Önne Kankainen. The used teaching package was awarded the Adult Education Quality Prize in 2002. 

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  • 15/01 Let’s Speak Finnish! Beginner Level Part 1

    Starting level 0 During the first module, you will learn how to introduce yourself to new acquaintances. You will discuss different housing types and their characteristics, and explore the Finnish way of living through The Housing Fair. You will take a look at the typical everyday routine in Finland, and discuss your own daily schedule. You will learn to ask for and give directions. You will get to know some Finnish cities. Grammar topics covered include interrogatives; the present tense (the positive and negative); verb types; locational cases (where?, to where?, from where?); consonant gradation; verb rections; the necessive clause (I must, I have to, I need to); pre- and postpositions; the object 1; the conditional; telling time; numerals  
  • 14/01 Let’s Speak Finnish! Beginner Level Part 3

    Starting level A1.3 In Part 3, you will discuss the Finnish education system and explore the study opportunities available to you. You will take a look at your study strategies and get tips on how to boost your learning potential. You will learn about visiting a post office and a bank, as well as using various online services in Finnish. You will learn vocabulary and expressions needed for booking and staying in a hotel. You will familiarize yourself with the Finnish phone etiquette and learn to make reservations and appointments by phone. Grammar topics covered include interactive revision of topics covered in Parts 1 & 2; the object; the 1st infinitive (the long form); demonstrative pronouns; verb rections; the necessive clause (on + -tava); the comparative and superlative forms of adverbs.  

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