Language is life! Life is learning!

Onnenkieli Ltd is a language school in Tampere. Since founded in 1992, over 4,000 students from all over the world have participated in the language programs. The course package which utilizes the suggestopedia method was developed by Önne Kankainen, a sought after educator and the founder of Onnenkieli. In 2002, it was awarded the Adult Education Quality Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The main focus of the company is to provide Finnish language training for immigrants. During the training the students familiarize themselves with e.g. Finnish culture, society and working life. After the training the students have adequate skills to work as part of Finnish work community and to pass the intermediate level of The Finnish National Certificates of Language Proficiency test.

In Onnekieli ® Language School you can study full time if you are registered customer of the Employment and Business Services, or on an evening course as a part time study while working.

As part of the training provided by TE-office (Employment and Business Services) there’s a practise period, which has opened a door to working life for many of our students.

At the evening courses and for our private students we provide an interesting and very effective method of learning for example Finnish, English or Russian for work, studies or private life.

With us studying is cool, but  learning even cooler!