Let’s Speak Finnish! Beginner Level Part 1

2018-09-04 - 2018-10-18

  • Starting level 0
  • During the first module, you will learn how to introduce yourself to new acquaintances.
  • You will discuss different housing types and their characteristics, and explore the Finnish way of living through The Housing Fair.
  • You will take a look at the typical everyday routine in Finland, and discuss your own daily schedule.
  • You will learn to ask for and give directions.
  • You will get to know some Finnish cities.
  • Grammar topics covered include interrogatives; the present tense (the positive and negative); verb types; locational cases (where?, to where?, from where?); consonant gradation; verb rections; the necessive clause (I must, I have to, I need to); pre- and postpositions; the object 1; the conditional; telling time; numerals

Course time: 4.9.-18.10.2018

Course dates: 4.9., 6.9., 11.9., 13.9., 18.9., 20.9., 25.9., 27.9., 2.10., 4.10., 9.10., 11.10., 16.10. and 18.10.2018 at 17:00-19:30 (3 x 45 min, 15 min coffee break)

Course consists of 42 hours of contact lessons and 42 hours of independent study
Course price:  389 €  (incl. VAT 24%)
Address: Onnenkieli Oy, Hatanpään valtatie 34 D, 33100 Tampere 

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